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Registration Materials and Instructions

  • District Events Form A: District Registration for State Events: Demonstrations and Illustrated Talks, Public Speaking & Share-the-Fun. Please copy this form if more space is needed for more blue ribbion winners.
  • District Events Form B: District Events Participation Summary
    Return Form A and B to the State 4-H Headquarters at the below address by May 15.

Please send all forms to:
2142 Shealy Drive
PO Box 110225
Gainesville, FL 32611

  • District Participation Certificates and Achievement Seals will be mailed to you in March (if requested). All other forms and information will need to be accessed and printed from the web site.
  • Prior to the event, please clarify the category placement of all titles. In addition, instruct your judges and room monitors to carefully review the presentation, ensuring it belongs in the category it is entered. All demonstration categories are judged at District Events. The categories are defined as broadly as possible. It is imperative that the 4-H member giving the demonstration stay within the areas listed in the Florida 4-H Program Events & Activities Handbook. Because titles can be misleading, careful screening is necessary by the judges/room monitors. Catching mistakes early will eliminate future disappointments. Use the “Criteria for Demonstrations & Illustrative Talks” to determine correct categories.


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