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Before Submitting News to the Weekly Update, Please Review the "7 things you need to know about submitting news for the Weekly Update" document.






DATA (readership)

The Weekly Update is distributed to over 170 4-H Professionals throughout 65+ Florida counties.  As of May 2014 the weekly e-newsletter has a 66% average county open rate (counties vary from week to week) and 46% list open rate (there are multiple people from each county included on the list).
It is important to understand that the open rate is not a 100% accurate measure. Recording an 'open' can only happen if the reader's email client is capable of displaying HTML with images, and that option is turned on. Recipients reading HTML emails without images showing will not be recorded as opens.  You should never take the open rate as a hard and fast number, because you can never know the true figure. It is much better used as general guide.  Open rates between 20% and 40% are considered average.  (


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