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Volunteer Leader Training Presentations

Would you like to know more about how to be a better 4-H club leader? Click on the links below to explore the lessons we have set up for training 4-H volunteers. County 4-H agents can download the lessons and customize them for their county 4-H program.

(Excerpted from the Florida 4-H Volunteer Leader Training Compact Disc, produced 2001 by the UF/IFAS 4-H Youth Development Program.)

All presentations are in PowerPoint format.

General Training

Chaperone Orientation (277 KB)

  • Examines requirements to be a 4-H chaperone and clarifies expectations for chaperones and their roles.

Club Program Planning (646 KB)

  • Overview of how to organize a club program plan.

Communication Skills: Florida 4-H Leadership Series (593 KB)

  • Lesson on how to improve communication skills.

A Perfect Fit: A Volunteer Training on 4-H Involvement for Youth With Disabilities (187 KB)

  • Discusses 4-H involvement for youth with disabilities and how to accommodate within the club program.

Opportunities in 4-H (922 KB)

  • Reviews 4-H curriculum, events and activities and other opportunities for youth within 4-H.

Orientation to 4-H for New 4-H Leaders (1337 KB)

  • General overview of 4-H for new 4-H volunteers.

Recreational Leadership in 4-H (1455 KB)

  • Singing, playing games, recreation safety are covered.

Teaching 4-H Demonstrations (679 KB)

  • How to teach a demonstration or illustrated talk.

Teen Leadership in 4-H (804 KB)

  • Leadership styles and roles, discusses how youth can lead in 4-H.

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New 4-H Club Leaders (Series)

Lesson 1: The Florida 4-H Club (1329 KB)

  • This lesson overviews the basic components of a 4-H club and has a sample agenda and club reports.

Lesson 2: The 4-H Club Meeting, Parliamentary Procedure, Program Planning Basics (649 KB)

  • Reviews how to establish a 4-H club program plan, how to make motions and use parliamentary procedure, contains a sample agenda.

Lesson 3: Youth Development and Club Leadership (749 KB)

  • Lists ages of youth and development stages youth go through, explains leadership model used within 4-H to develop youth, has samples and a worksheet to review concepts.

Lesson 4: 4-H Events and Activities, 4-H Record Books, Parent Involvement, Child Behavior (2044 KB)

  • Overview of 4-H events and activities, record book teaching tips, suggestions on keeping parents informed and involved, behavior management suggestions and steps for better club functioning.

Lesson 5: Legal Issues in Working with Youth, Safety Issues in Working with Youth, Having Fun with Youth (959 KB)

  • Reviews liability, risk, fundraising, child abuse, behavior guidelines for 4-H volunteers working with youth, and how to have fun.

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