Florida 4-H relies on dedicated volunteers to promote its mission to help youth gain the knowledge and life skills they need to be productive, responsible citizens. Your time as a volunteer will provide youth a safe environment they need to pursue whatever interests, causes, and leadership roles that are most important to them. Adults who are not currently 4-H volunteers, we invite you to become a volunteer and share in the positive experiences of the Florida 4-H program.


  • Contact your local County Extension Office to learn about 4-H in your county and discuss opportunities with your 4-H Agent.
  • Enroll in 4-H Online 2.0 by completing an adult volunteer profile.*(Online Youth Protection successful completion and background screenings may be required)
  • After meeting enrollment requirements with the collaboration of 4-H Agent volunteer service can begin

*Paper applications may be provided to those without Internet access.  Download the paper Application here.

*Applicants submitting the paper application must also complete the paper Participation Form

For questions about content on this page please contact Sophia Cooney, State 4-H Volunteer Coordinator at 352-294-7879 or henriq21@ufl.edu