Volunteer Orientation

Welcome to 4-H!
Why does 4-H require volunteers to participate in orientation? We want to provide you with as much training as possible so Florida’s youth receive high quality 4-H experiences. In addition:

  • 1 Volunteers deserve to be well prepared
  • 1 We value you and the work that you do for 4-H
  • 1 Our children and youth are worth our time in training
  • 1 Trained volunteers are essential to a quality 4-H program
  • 1 We want to lay a foundation for success in your 4-H work with young people

[Reference (1) adopted from 4h.missouri.edu]

Whether you are brand new to our organization or a seasoned volunteer, please watch these videos at your convenience. Each video highlights important information that you will find useful as your continue to work with youth locally or statewide. Below each video are links to additional resources if you wish to explore more.  To proceed:

  1. Watch five (5) orientation modules (1 hour total)
  • What is 4-H
  • Learning in 4-H
  • My Volunteer Role
  • Stewardship and Risk Management
  • Resources to Support Volunteers
  1. After you have viewed all five videos, please complete the survey.  Don’t forget to include your full name and county so your 4-H agent is notified when you complete the viewing process.


Module 1: What is 4-H?




Module 2: Learning in 4-H




Module 3: My Volunteer Role



Module 4: Stewardship and Risk Management



Module 5: Resources to Support Volunteers


After you have viewed all five videos, please complete the survey.