Community Pride Awards

Background and Purpose

Objectives are to have youth:

  • Learn about their community and the impact it has on their lives
  • Learn to work with a team in community activities, programs, organizations
  • Develop skills and knowledge in community leadership
  • Gain experience carrying out projects to improve their community
  • Develop an interest in and love for their community


4-H members of all ages may participate in a Community Pride Project.  During the project a community issue is identified, a service project is selected, a plan is implemented by the group, and reflection and reporting take place.

This is a competitive project. In order to be eligible for one of the Top Five Community Pride Project Awards, groups must have submitted a proposal and a final report. Even groups who do not receive funding are eligible to submit a final report and compete for one of the Top Five Awards.

Step 1: Community Needs Assessment

During the fall, youth study the challenges facing their community and identify needs and assets. Youth then select one community need to focus on.

Step 2: Planning Process

Youth research the community need they are going to focus on and develop a plan to combat this community need.

Step 3: Submit a Community Pride Proposal

Each group must submit a proposal for funding of their Community Pride Project. Proposals accepted from the county must be emailed to Grace Carter ( at the State 4-H Headquarters by the December 1st deadline date to be considered for the current 4-H years funding. Groups that are awarded funding will be notified via email by December 14.  Groups that are awarded funding MUST follow up with the Florida 4-H Community Pride Report available below.

Step 4: Implement Your Project

Youth should implement their service project between December and May.

Step 5: Evaluate and Report

All Florida 4-H Community Pride Reports must be received via email by June 1st to compete at the state level for recognition. State judging takes place the first week of June. All participants in the Top Five Projects will be invited to a recognition breakfast.

Leader’s Guide

Below is a guide for Club/Project Leaders to help club members succeed in the Community Pride Project. This guide includes: Community needs assessment instructions, a SMART Goals Worksheet, a project calendar worksheet, and sample reflection questions.


What projects have other groups completed?

Developing a mini library for the local youth center

Educating fourth grade students about pollinators and helping them build their own garden at school

Holding a baby shower for low income mothers