Award Trips

Currently there are two National Awards trips awarded to 4-H youth who demonstrate excellence through their project experiences. To participate in one of these programs, youth must complete the Florida 4-H Awards Portfolio. There are several resources to help you complete this portfolio available to you through your county 4-H agent, who will also be very helpful in assisting you in this process.

National 4-H Congress

Each year, the Florida 4-H Foundation supports up to 10 youth to participate in National 4-H Congress. This event is hosted in Atlanta, Ga. Youth are selected for this program based on program area involvement. There are seven program areas: citizenship and career development, environmental education, individual and family resources, leadership and communications, science and technology, animal science, and general/overall achievement. Youth who participate in National Congress will enjoy 5 fun-filled days of workshops, motivational speakers, exploring, recognition, and interaction with over 1200 other 4-Hers from across the United States. More…

National 4-H Conference

National 4-H Conference takes place in our nations Capitol. 4 youth will participate in this trip each year. National 4-H Conference is the highest honor of achievement for a Florida 4-Her. Participants in this working conference will meet with other 4-H youth, members of the USDA, and government officials to discuss youth development, address concerns and issues, and create goals for the 4-H program in the nation, individual states, and participants counties. Youth going to National 4-H  Conference will create “back-home action plans” that they will institute in their communities and state to make positive change. Youth who want to go to National 4-H Conference will also complete an awards portfolio with National Conference listed as the program area. More…

Decision Process

Effective for the 2014-2015 4-H year candidates will be asked to note their award trip preference in their portfolio.  Although youth will only be awarded one trip in a 4-H year, they are encouraged to apply for the un-awarded trip that following year. Additionally, applicants must score a 90 or above on their portfolio application to qualify for an interview at the State level.  In order to qualify for an award trip or scholarship opportunity they must have at least a 90 combined score between their portfolio and interview. Averages will then be ranked and awarded from the highest scoring candidate down.