FAQs from Youth

What is the Florida 4-H Council?

Florida 4-H Council is a state-wide leadership group that meets at Florida 4-H University and the Third Executive Board. It consists of two delegates from each county.

Does the Florida 4-H Council have officers?

Yes, the council has eight officers. A president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and reporter are elected at Florida 4-H University. A historian, parliamentarian, and sergeant-at-arms are appointed following the annual elections at 4-H University.

What is Florida 4-H Executive Board?

Florida 4-H Executive Board is a leadership board for Florida 4-H. The group meets three times a year to work on State Council projects.

What does Executive Board do? 

Executive Board offers input into and has planning roles for 4-H University, Legislature, Leadership Adventure Weekend, Intermediate State, 4-H Day at the Capitol, and the 4-H State Project. Other committees explore issues such as Ways and Means, Constitution and Resolutions, and Communication and Council Support. Each of the delegates brings a unique point of view and representation of their home district. Also, the group strives to develop leadership and communication skills for use back in their districts and counties.

How are you chosen for Executive Board? 

It consists of  seventy-two members: four members from each of the thirteen districts, up to twenty presidential appointments, and eight state officers. Each district has already selected their members, but delegates vary from district to district, so contact a district council member or advisor for specifics about your district.

How can I be an Executive Board appointee?

Executive Board Appointees are made during Florida 4-H University. Interested 4-Hers should fill out the application.

Who funds Florida 4-H Council? 

Florida 4-H Council is funded through donations from the Florida 4-H Foundation and private donors, as well as fundraisers during the year.

How do you become a state 4-H officer?

State council officers are elected annually at Florida 4-H University in July. Interested 4-Hers must complete candidate qualification forms, which should be submitted through your county 4-H agent. Candidates then run campaigns Monday-Wednesday at 4-H University, and participate in Meet the Candidates panels, prepared speeches, and impromptu questions. Elections are held on Wednesday at 4-H University, and officers are elected to one-year terms.


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