State Council Officer Application

The Florida 4-H State Council Officers are elected each year by their peers at Florida 4-H University. For the 2020 election, all components will take place virtually. The “Candidate Packet” has all the pertinent information needed to help you complete your application process.

Orientation Webinar

Candidates are required to have attended a live orientation webinar on May 11th at 4:00 pm EST or view the live recording. Parents/guardians are required to have attended or watch as well, to ensure they are aware of what commitments they will need to support.

Time Markers for the Video

  • Overview – 0:00:12
  • Candidate Requirements – 0:00:45
  • Completing Your Packet – 0:02:03
  • Things to Consider Before Submitting – 0:03:11
  • Time Commitments – 0:04:08
  • Financial Commitments – 0:05:17
  • Other Commitments – 0:06:17
  • Officer Election Timeline – 0:08:21
  • Nominations and Speeches – 0:09:18
  • Odds and Ends – 0:10:51
  • Thanks for Watching – 0:12:29

Officer Candidate Information & Forms

A complete officer application packet is due to on June 1st by 5:00 p.m. EST. A complete packet includes:

  • State Council Officer Application
  • Three answered essay questions, 200 words a piece
  • 4-H Resume
  • Agent Recommendation
  • Non-4-H Related Adult Recommendation. Late applications will not be accepted.

Officer candidates are encouraged to ask their County 4-H Agent or County Extension Director to review their application, resume, and essays before submitting them.

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