Awards and Recognition

Florida 4-H Recognition Program

Recognition is an important component of the 4-H experience.  It really is an integral part of all 4-H educational experiences. The use of recognition requires careful planning and development, just as any other teaching-learning strategy used to enhance personal growth.

Youth need feedback on their efforts to contribute to the group or to master skills. Recognition of these efforts provides this feedback.

Youth development professionals must be skilled in providing recognition that supports growth and in training staff to understand and use recognition appropriately.

Basic Beliefs

Recognition is a basic human need that we all experience.  When given properly, it builds self-esteem and a personal valuing of an experience.  It really does need to be well integrated and a part of all 4-H experiences.  In addition, it doesn’t have to always be the same thing, it can take many forms ranging from awards that are tangible to the spoken word.  In 4-H, we know that it requires adult support: a caring adult who can provide positive or corrective feedback in a way that helps the young person grow.  And we should strive to offer recognition in a balance of both tangible and intangible forms.

Some additional underlying beliefs or principles include the ideas that recognition is provided to ALL youth who are participating.  That it is important to provide feedback, particularly affirming feedback as soon after the accomplishment or achievement, as possible.  Our knowledge and use of the experiential learning process also dictates that there needs to be self-assessment and reflection as a part of the process, particularly helping each youth find ways to apply knowledge learned to other situations.  We also want to truly help young people make individual choices about their learning activities and level of participation.

The Florida Recognition Model provides a more comprehensive and balanced recognition strategy.  We have the vision that all youth involved in 4-H should experience positive personal growth, increased self-reliance through encouragement, and support and recognition in a wide variety of learning experiences.  This model identified five types of recognition to meet the diverse needs and interests of today’s youth.

  1. Participation in educational experiences acknowledges involvement as a first step in building a positive self-concept.
  2. Progress toward self-set goals enables youth to gain experience in goal setting and realistic self-assessment.
  3. Achieving standards of excellence gives young people a set of criteria for their learning, experiences against which they can assess their progress and gain insights into their own interests, efforts, and abilities.
  4. Excelling in peer competition identifies the best individual or team, and
  5. Excellence in cooperation helps young people learn and work cooperatively to prepare for living in today’s interdependent, global society.

Local, District & State Competitions & Activities

Check out the many opportunities there are right in your home town to participate and achieve. Not all activities are competitive. You can receive recognition for completing educational experiences such as day camps, workshops, and community service projects. Contact your county’s 4-H office for more information.

Project Area Events

The project areas are developed to support youth through either:

  • Individual Clover Bud learning (5-7)
  • General individual learning (ages 8-18)
    • Junior 8-9-10 years
    • Intermediate 11-12-13 years
    • Senior 14 + years
  • General group learning (ages 8-18)

Project Annual Report

4.31 Clover Bud Summary

4.32 Junior Project Report
PDF Form

4.33 Intermediate Project Report
PDF Form

4.34 Senior Project Report
PDF Form

Building My Portfolio

Youth Award Opportunities

This page describes opportunities for individuals. Visit our Club / Group Opportunities page for information about club and group awards.

Score Sheets

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Building Your Future…Choices, Connections, Careers

The Florida 4-H Portfolio Process

2018-2019 Youth Awards Summary

Congratulations to our winners. The youth awards summary gives you the opportunity to recognize the accomplishments of our 4-H’ers this past year.


Award Opportunities

Award Trips

The Florida 4-H Foundation sponsors opportunities for youth who demonstrate excellence at the state level to participate in two National Awards trip each year: National 4-H Congress in November, and National 4-H Conference in March or April.


The Florida 4-H Foundation and donors provide scholarship money to graduating seniors and 4-H alumni each year.